Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He says I need THERAPY!?

Alright..... so Brett comes home for lunch everyday, and after he eats he always lays down to rest until he has to leave to go back to work. we were laying there resting and he was trying to tell me that I NEED to go out with my friends tonight. (It is Girls night out and I decided that we really did not have the extra money for me to go-even though we DO have coupons that will make each of our dinners 1/2 off). He was trying to be sweet and he kept trying to talk me into going...then he says......."It is good therapy"! OMG! So I, (knowing that he really was trying to be sweet) aggravated him by acting like I thought he had just told me that I needed therapy.(I knew that he really meant that it was good for me to get together with my friends and just take some time off.) We have a playful relationship and we love to aggravate each other (I aggravate him a lot more than he does me)-once he even told me "You have a little of your Daddy in you!" .(If you have ever met my'd know what he was talking about!). Anyhoo-I acted offended by his "therapy" comment and had him stuttering over his words trying to make it right.......such fun! SO......a few minutes later-as he is quoting lines from the new Madagascar movie...cracking himself up so much that he can not fall asleep....I asked him ...."Now WHO needs therapy?"
In all honesty...I know that I am really blessed with a husband who knows that spending time with my girlfriends goes beyond a "want" and it really is a "need".

I love him so much and I am so glad that we can have such fun is just the simple things in life that amuse us!

He is going to LOVE the pics I am posting with this way or the other he'll learn! LOL!!
The pics were taken late one night when we were being WAAAAY goofy with my niece and nephew (the night before black Friday last year). I am SOOOO glad that he does not blog....there are pics that are EVEN worse of me! In all fairness...I will put up one!


The Unique Mind said...

OMG!!! SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!! I miss yall so much i wanna cry!! I love being with yall cause its one of the places i can let go and be my goofy self. Im not exactly the most normal person in our family and being around yall just reminds me that i could be worse.........i could be like you or Uncle Brett!(BURN!)!!LOL!!! No im just kidding. I have an idea, even if you decide not to go to black Friday, me and levi still want to come to your house. Thats like "our specail time" with yall. So either way we gotta make it happen, we can still make prank phone calls to wal-mart(even though they DONT have fart machines, BUT spencers do, although we cant seem to find where he lives...according to uncle brett)!!!! I LOVE YALL

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Sounds great! You are nuts! Maw maw said we can do Gillie's shopping for her on Black Friday...I need to find out what they are having this year and then see if there is anything she wants to buy Gillie! If not....ya'll STILL come! I can not watch "while you were sleeping" with out you!! ....Guy lambardo WAS tall!