Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where would I be......

without my sisters? Seriously. I know you are all probably "sick to death" of me saying it but, IS my blog so I am gonna say it anyhow :) . My sisters have carried me through this whole ordeal! It is kinda weird but they have been closer to me and more involved in my recovery than my own blood relatives (except my "mama" of course!).
Tanya came by this morning-she brought me my fav Starbucks coffee drink and she took the time to sit and visit with me before she left to go buy our groceries. She has been up since before 6 am-taking care of her kids and getting them off to school, but she cared enough to sit with me a while. I enjoyed our time together this morning! She volunteered-from the beginning, to do our shopping but she has went WAAAAY beyond that (as if that were not ENOUGH!). Each week, she has bought a complete meal-out of her own budget-that we can throw in the oven "in case someone forgets to bring us food one night".
Last night, one of my other sisters brought over a meal for our family. She shared a little about what HER family is going through right now....someone should be bringing THEM meals-but yet she, so unselfishly, took the time to make a (awesome) meal for us!
Karen is always calling me to check on me-she's brought us a meal and even brought over a ton of extra goodies for us.
Money is tight-with everyone I know. Time....probably even tighter.I do not take for granted that my sisters have used money out of their budgets, and time our of their chaotic, busy days to help a sister in need. I am in awe and I am so humbled by all that has been given to us. Not many people have what I have...Sisters who REALLY care and who give so much of themselves to show it.
I thank God for each one of you-I pray that He blesses you and your families in everything that you do!

Oh...and just a note-they have even planned our monthly "Girl's night out" around me-we are having a PJ and movie night at Tanya's house (or mine-if I am not feeling well enough to go over to her house)! Sounds like so much fun-I will be sure to bring along my camera!

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