Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today was my Aunt's funeral-I am still bummed that I could not go to it! It looks like my parent's house did not get flooded-the levee was leaking but they were able to fix it before it broke completely. They still do not know how bad the wind damage is-we are hoping for the best. They do not have power or running water and I am sure that will take several days to get all of that up and running again.

I went for another long walk today (50 mins)-let me stress again, the more I walk-the better chance I have that my bones will fuse and I will not have to have the surgery re done. This morning I woke up a lot more "sore" than I have been-I know that it is from all the walking that I did yesterday-it is to be expected. Well....that is about it for now!

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