Monday, September 1, 2008

Today has been hard for me emotionally, I want so badly to be able to go to my Aunt Dot's funeral-but no one will take me! They all say that it is best that I do not ride in a car that long (the funeral is in Georgia). I know that it is not the best thing for me-but I really do think that I would be OK if I could lean back in the car seat. I feel like I am letting my cousin and my family down by not being there . My Mom says "well, we can't always do what we want to do". That is a whole other situation-my Mom, that is. Right now, she is having to deal with the death of her sister AND the possibility that they may have lost their home again-due to the hurricane. I do not know how she is getting through it all! Please continue to pray for my family!

This morning, I went for a walk-it was nice to get out of the house for a while and get my body moving. I have lost so much strength and muscle mass from being in bed so much-I am amazed at how quickly you "lose" what you do not "use"! My nurse has told me that it is very normal to lose as much strength as I have-so I am just now determined to get back in shape! The food that everyone is bringing has been so good and with me not being nearly as active as I use to be-I think I have gained about 10 lbs! Anyhoo-I have decided not to let it bother me too much-I am just gonna be careful about how much I eat and try to keep going on walks. The rest...I will have to deal with once I have fully recovered!

This afternoon-we took the kids by Chick fil a-they were giving away free 3 piece chick strips-we just went through the drive through (as I STILL can not sit), then we went in to the pet store to by the hamster some food. On the way home, we drove through Dunkin Doughnuts-they give away free doughnuts whenever the "Rays" win a game (I know, I know......I only ate half of a glazed one)-anyhoo-so we got lunch and dessert for free! We are so cheap-we did not buy anything at either place-we brought along bottles of water! Shameless-that is what we are....shameless!
Now, Brett is working on his sermon, Spencer is watching "National Treasure", Maddie is on the computer-playing "club penguin" and Brooke is doing her homework. I think that I am going to try to take a nap!

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