Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well-we got the call that my Aunt just died :(. She died from cancer and was too young to go. Please pray for my Mom, as she is close to all of her sisters and for my cousin, who will now have to face life without her Mom. I can not imagine what she must be feeling right now-she is just 2 years older than me so we were close growing up. I know that my aunt is in heaven now and she has no pain, for that I am happy, but it is such a loss for all of us that she left behind. She was such a giving person-she dedicated her life to helping others,she took in the people that others shunned,she lived her life in such an unselfish manner-always putting other people ahead of herself. She will be missed dearly. I know that right now, she is spending time with my Grandma-she had been asking for her the last few days and since I told my Grandma, before she died, to find my baby and take care of her when she got there...I know that Aunt Dot is also with my baby girl!
Picture:Right to left-Aunt Dot, Her daughter-Cindy, and my Aunt Maggie

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Tara Sloan said...

Hey Sherri... please send me Cindy's address. I am so sorry about Dot... but like you said, she is in heaven now... no more pain, but like you, my heart goes out to Cindy!