Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today the kids are all at a birthday party-Maddie and Spencer are going to be spending the night over there, but Brooke decided that she'd rather come home and finish up her homework so she can spend time with the family the next two days.

Spencer lost his left hearing aid at school yesterday-the teachers all looked for it and Brett even went by after work to look for it some more. It is no where to be found! Spencer said that another kid accidentally pushed him down on the playground and it fell off then. His ear mold and tubing stayed in but the actual hearing aid is gone. All Children's specialty care is going to loan us one until his insurance can approve ordering a new one. We can go by on Tues. and pick it up but I feel so badly that he has to go without until then. When he came home from school and told me that it was gone he kept asking me if was "gonna cost lots of money".

My recovery has been steady-but the last few days have been a little worse. Today, my home health nurse came over and she told me that it was a normal part of the recovery. She told me that the muscles (yes! they had to cut through several muscles and stitch them back up) and the nerves that were cut are starting to regenerate and heal and that will cause the pain to increase for a while. She said the same thing about the "donor site" beginning to hurt worse too. I am so glad that they have a nurse that keeps coming out to check on me-it helps knowing that the things that I am feeling are normal.

My Mom, Dad and brother have had to evacuate from their home today. As most know, they live in LA.-south of New Orleans. They lost their home and most everything they owned during Katrina-I just pray that they do not have to live through that again! My Mom's sister is not doing well-they do not expect her to live much longer-I wish that my Mom did not now have to deal with another storm on top of dealing with her sister's illness.

That is pretty much it. Not too much to report today. It is a rainy, sleepy day.

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