Thursday, August 28, 2008

This morning I went for a walk-but I did not make it as far as I did yesterday. The side walks in this neighborhood are bad! Funny thing is I never noticed it before (there are a lot of things I have noticed-I now have a greater empathy for the handicapped-this world is not set up to accommodate them)! Anyway-my walker got caught on an uneven piece of sidewalk-but I did not realize it, I kept walking and then I felt the "jerk". I kicked the side of my walker by mistake and I felt the pain instantly. :( So, I cut my walk short-Hopefully, I will be able to get out later in the evening.
Last night, my hip was bothering me pretty badly-I do not know if it was because I walked so "far" yesterday or why it started up again. The pain is from the location that they took bone from. I have talked to some people who have said that the pain from the bone graft was worse than the pain from the back surgery-not even CLOSE for me though! My physical therapist is coming over this afternoon-I will ask him what I should do about it.

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