Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am getting there!

Today has been a good day for me-the pain is less today and I also got out and went for a walk! I walked up and down 2 streets-which is the farthest I have gone since my surgery! It took me long enough-about 45 mins! It feels so good to be "active" (kinda) again! Tanya came by this morning and brought me Starbucks coffee and visited for a while. She has graciously volunteered to do our grocery shopping during my recovery, so she is out doing that now. I can not say enough how blessed I am! You know the scripture verse that says to "test God" and see if He will not pour out a blessing that you will not have room enough to contain? Well.....we have been so blessed that we literally do not have room enough to contain it! We have food stored on the counters, on top of the fridge, cupboards, .....even in the bedroom closet! Our "cup is running over"! God is so good to us and I keep praying that all those who have helped us in any way will receive a 100 fold blessing!

Ok-everyone knows the story of how God provided a FULL paid scholarship for the kids to go to Christian school-but I just wanted to say what a blessing that has already turned out to be!! I am so thrilled when the kids come home with homework -having to memorize scripture! Every aspect of their learning is based on the Bible! Even Maddie's science book is titled "learning about the world God made"! History,science,english.....they are all centered around God. I should not be shocked by this-I grew up in a Christian school but there is just something so different about being able to see my kids go to one! Spencer came home one day and said that they had "prayer request" time and he asked them to pray for my back. Sweet-so precious! He is a "mess"-that child! Let me tell you! He came in to the bedroom one day, while Brett was helping me put on my brace, and he saw my scar-he exclaimed "WHAT DID YOU DO?"-he was so serious-I just had to laugh. He knew I had "surgery" but obviously had no idea what that meant. I told him that the doctors had to cut me there to fix my back-he asked "well, how come you didn't die?", In his mind-if you get cut open like that you have to die. He still keeps saying "I just do not understand why you did not die". Oh-then last night, while we were eating supper he asked "why do people keep bringing us food?"-we have been getting a meal brought to us every night for the last 2 weeks and he just now asked why! Last night's meal was a big hit with him-he said "I can eat this forever"! He keeps us laughing! Part of the reasons why he doesn't understand things or that he says things that are not quite worded right is because he has "auditory processing disorder"-he has been getting a lot better but he still struggles with it some. God is faithful and I believe that he will be able to overcome it all together!! Well-Tanya will be back soon-so I am gonna quit for now.

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