Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today has also been a quiet day. I watched a little TV-surfed the web (and talked to some people I've met online who have had similar surgeries to mine)-lets see.....I emailed my Mom back and forth (she surprised me by ordering some Kcups for my coffee maker that they bought me for my B-day----which I still LOVE!)....oh! and the physical therapist came today-he worked with me on my walking, I even got to take a few steps without my "granny walker"! I also went for a walk around the block-all by myself! I brought my cell phone-just in case. I know I should not be doing that, but it really is driving me nuts, being shut up in the house! Maddie put the pouch, from the front of her bike , on my walker and I use it to put my phone,keys,water bottle in-oh, and the "best part"?
It says "Girl's world" on the front! I really look ridiculous-REALLY! So, that is about it. It is after 1:00 now, the kids will be home in a couple of hours. Think that I will go take a nap! Yawn..

Oh! I found out today that Canon is releasing a new camera-a 50D. They just came out with a 40D not that long ago. The new one has like 15 mega pixels! I am not at all "tempted" though-I shoot with a 5D, which is a pro model, and I absoultely LOVE it! What aggrivates me is that I could buy TWO 50Ds for the price I paid for my 5D!

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