Monday, August 25, 2008

A blessing

Tonight Michelle came by and brought us supper-we have been so blessed by all the meals that we have gotten! She brought a really good hamburger casserole, croissants, and and amazing salad. All of it was sooooooo good! She also brought sweet tea and soda-but-what amazed me was that she brought all kinds of goodies for us too! Paper towels, cookie dough,tons of chocolate candy (the best kind too-kit kats,almond joys,Hersey all know how I love sweets!), ice cream bars, individual bags of chips (great for the kids' lunches).... . I thought that it was so kind of her to do all of that. I am so humbled by people like her who just jump right in and help others and then go "over and beyond" the norm. I am humbled by how the people, who have helped us, take time out of their busy days to shop and cook, spend their hard earned money to be a blessing to my family. Brett just has so much on him right now-he is having to do EVERYthing right now and I am so glad that making meals is one thing that he is not having to do (my whole family is glad of that-as he can't cook :). Our budget has been better this month since we have not had to buy hardly any groceries! Anyhoo-I just wanted to thank Michelle and everyone else who has been a blessing to us! You are all included in our family prayer time! I pray that God gives you all a 100 fold return!

WOW! That make 2 times today that I have blogged-can anyone tell that I am bored? Believe me people-staying home all day, laying around watching tv and surfing the web for 6 weeks-is not as much fun as it sounds!

BTW-the doc says that the radiologist "misread" my xray-I guess (hope)that means that there is not a tube left in me after all.

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