Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow! The house is really.....really quiet! Brett went back to work today :( . The kids are in school....I always have a hard time when the kids first go back to school-but this year it is even worse since I can not get out and do things to keep me busy! I've already watched a movie this morning-now what? Well, I did just call my primary doctor back-I have been waiting for her to return my call since last Thursday! They asked me to fax the stomach xray report to them-which we did and she never called me back on it! When I just called they said that they received it so they are not sure what is taking her so long. Hopefully she'll call today! What I do not understand is why weren't ALL my records given to her? I know they have the whole "privacy act" and all but she is listed as my primary doc on my insurance-the next time I go to USF I guess I will request that she get the reports (not that she really cares-obviously!). I think that she should at least look over them and see what all was done to me. A lot of my blood work was out of whack too-one that was supposed to range from 75-110 was actually 510-consistently through out my hospital stay. Other things were way too low. I do not know what any of it means but I'd feel better knowing that she's at least seen the reports. I just do not understand why these things were not resolved or at least discussed while I was in the hospital. I guess the Neurosurgeon did feel the need to be concerned with there being a tube in me that does not belong there or that my blood work was "off". Alright, alright....I know I am getting testy-sorry. I am just getting tired of dealing with it all and I need to vent. I am done now!
With that behind me, I AM feeling a little better. I have times when the pain is worse and I am still exhausted (how is that even possible when I am doing NOTHING?!) but overall I can not complain. I have talked to so many people online, who had smaller operations, and they are still in a lot of pain-and still having to take pain meds. I am not sure if that is just because everyone has a different tolerance to pain or if I am just some kind of "freak of nature" for doing as well as I am doing! I just feel like I have lived with this for so many years-it is easier to deal with the pain now since I know it will be getting better in the end! Make sense?

Well, it is about 11:30 and I have a whole hour and a half to get ready to go. Liz is picking me up and taking me to pick up the kids from school and then taking us to Spencer's Audiogram (hearing test). He had to have an updated one so that the state would release his FM system (his "trainer") to the Christian school. Which is a HUGE blessing-it is only because God's favor on our lives that he is even getting a System-they are normally only provided to the public school system! His deaf and hard of hearing resource teacher has been with him since he was 3 years old(actually-he was still 2 when they met!) and she put up a fight for him! The FM system is so vital to his education-it has a microphone that the teacher wears and special hearing aids that are hooked up to it-so the teacher can mute all other sounds in the classroom-except her voice. She can also set it to include other sounds for group discussion times. With his regular hearing aids-he hears ALL sounds equally-background noise and all-so it is helpful for him to have. It is gonna take me a while to get up and brush my hair (and attempt to dress myself) so I am gonna get up and get started! I need a nap just thinking about it!

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