Saturday, August 23, 2008


Lately I have been missing my photography business so badly! I guess I am missing it worse since I realize that this is the time of year when it really "picked up". Anyway, I often visit my website and look at my work to motivate me to get better faster-but soon, my website will expire and I will have to let it go :(. I just can not justify renewing the (almost $200) fee while I am not working. One day though-I will be able to go back to work-and I know that I can start up another site. I am just bummed because I know that I will lose my domain name (web address) and my former clients may not be able to locate me again. It also feels "safe" having it-it may sound strange but I feel safe knowing that my portraits (some of them at least) are there and not just in one of my computers or even backed up on a disc somewhere. I am gonna stop feeling sorry for myself now! I will get back to work one day-I loved my "job", I loved the feeling that I got from creating a portrait that a client fell in love with. Knowing that the pictures that I took will be cherished for years and will be a part of a family for a lifetime is an amazing feeling-almost as though I have "left my mark" here on the earth. If you'd like to take a last look.......

Here are just a few of my favs.

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