Friday, September 5, 2008

I did it...I did it..

Well-I went for my first walk without my walker yesterday! It was kind of frightening-but I walked slowly and I did it! Now, I am mostly using my walker to help me get in and out of bed and my recliner. I look back and see how far I have come and it gets me so excited! I expect even better days ahead! God has been faithful to us in every way! I go back to the doctor on Sept. 24th-I hope that he will then clear me to start doing some things again. I think I should be able to start driving again-and if everything is at my level I should be able to cook again too. I know that I have the "BLT" (bending, lifting, twisting) restrictions for several months but I hope to set everything up (getting everything within my reach) so I can start helping Brett out some! He has already started telling me that even when the doctor releases me-he doesn't want me doing much. I would think that by now he'd be ready for me to just jump right in and help out! But, I know that he loves me and he does not want to see me have to go through the surgery again. Lord knows I do not want to EVER go through this again-so I will be careful. My pain level has dropped from a "10"-( right after my surgery) to about a "1-2"! Thank God! I know that it is only by His grace that I can say that! So many people I have talked to online are still in pain MONTHS after their surgery (some..even years!) I need everyone to keep praying that the bone grafts "take" and the bones are beginning to fuse! We should see some progress on my next x-ray at my next appt. I want to say "thank you" to all of you who have continued to pray for me and my family and for all of you who have brought us food and ran our errands!! I know it must be easy to "forget" about us-especially since it has been 4 weeks since my surgery, but I appreciate all of you who have not forgotten us! I do not say lightly-that our family has prayed for each one of you and your families-and I continue to pray for you all daily!

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