Monday, September 8, 2008

Gillie Girl

My Mom and Dad came down here on Saturday and they left on Sunday.
They brought Our little "Gillie Girl" with them! She is getting so big-and she is so sweet! When she saw us she ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and kiss. I asked her how old she was-just to see what she'd say, she said "I am 2.....but in a few minutes I am gonna be 4!" My girls had fun mothering her for two days-Maddie even made bubbles for her out of dish soap and then she made a bubble wand out of little green twigs that she found outside-she looped them around and used a rubber band to form a circle. Brooke, Madeline and Spencer also helped her catch lizards in the back yard. The girls cried when she had to leave. Gillie even cried! She said "sha sha, my want to stay with you!"-it broke my heart! I told her when my "boo boo" was all better then she could come stay with us for a while.

My recovery is still going well-I have been walking 1 hour every morning-that usually wipes me out for the whole day. I still get tired really easily but my back is really just "sore". Although, last night I tried to get out of bed and I had a sharp pain almost send me to the ground! I had to use my walker the rest of the night-but today I was back to walking with out it.

Last night, Karen and Mike and the kids came over to our house and ate supper with us, it was really nice for Brett and Mike to get to spend time together and for the kids to get to play with each other. Usually when Karen and I get together the kids are in school or else the guys are at home watching them for us-so we rarely all get together at once like that. I am gonna try to make sure we do things all together more often-we had a really good time.

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