Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Even more blessings...

This morning I went for a long walk-Spencer's hearing aid needed to be dropped off for repair so I saved Brett the trip by walking there and taking care of that. Brett was awake most of the night-he just could not sleep, so this morning I asked him why he could not sleep and he said he had too many things running through his mind and he was thinking about all he had to get done today. I can't do much-but I CAN walk so I wanted to help him out. Poor guy! I have said it a hundred times but we are so thankful for all the meals we have been getting-if he had to take care of cooking supper, on top of everything else, I am not sure he'd be able to do it!
This afternoon Michelle and her daughter came by with lots of goodies for us! She brought over an ice cream maker (can't wait to see what the kids do when they see that!) and she brought a CASE of easy mac (the kids love that!), she brought juice (grape is the kids' fav!), she brought a ton of fruit cups for the kids' lunches and she brought cookies (Brett and I already got into those-but don't worry, we saved some for the kids :)!! Her family has been such a blessing to us during this time-Michael has even asked if he could mow the lawn for Brett! Unfortunately, Brett's 2nd job has been dead lately-so he has had the last 2 Saturdays free-he's been able to keep up with the yard work then. At any rate, I am just amazed at how giving they have been! Worth repeating...time and money are so tight with almost everyone-I continue to be humbled by how people have stepped outside themselves and taken time,money and energy to help my family. I will continue to pray God's blessings on Michelle and her family-that is the only thing I can do for them now, but someday-I hope that I will be in a place that I will be able to "pass it on" and BE a blessing just as she has been!

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