Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today was a busy, hectic but fun day! I met Carol-my best friend back in high school-for coffee and we ended up talking for 2 hours at Starbucks! It was really nice to spend time with her, remembering old times and catching up with each other! We were able to start back right where we left off-"umpteen" years ago. We are going to continue our friendship and make it a point to get together often.

After I left Starbucks I went to Publix and Wal mart to get some groceries.
Once I came home and put away the cold items, I had to run to the school to get Maddie and Bubba. From there we went to Sam's club to pick up a few things. No sooner did we get home, it was time to go to Brooke's volleyball game. This is BY FAR the busiest day I have had since my surgery. Now, I am in bed-getting some much needed rest! My low back is not hurting that badly from all that I did today but my mid. back and my neck is really bad. I just keep praying that I can avoid the surgeries that they want to do on the rest of my spine!! I really, REALLY do not want to go through spine surgery again! I am going to ask the surgeon tomorrow if I can start going back to the chiropractor to get my cervical and thoracic spine adjusted. Fingers crossed!

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