Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Sunday

Yesterday, Brett and I walked up to the dog park with the kids and their dogs. The dogs are so out of shape that they nearly died! Lady bug is over weight and lazy-several times, while walking home, she just stop dead in her tracks as to say " I am not walking one more step!". She made it home, but collapsed as soon as she got in the door! Brett played sports with the kids-he is such an amazing daddy! Spencer seems to think that once my 3 months is up (once I can take off my brace) I am going to be miraculously healed and I am going to be able to play tackle football with him again! He keeps telling me that he can not wait! He keeps reminding me....only 7 more weeks to go! A few nights ago I did get to play soccer with him-kinda. I kicked the ball into the net-so he could practice being goalie. He was sweet-he would kick it back to me very gently. Brooke loves playing volleyball-her dad has been teaching her a lot about "serving" the ball and he practices with her almost everyday. Maddie has taken up basketball. We hope to get her a hoop for her b-day (coming soon!). For now, she is using one of those "kiddie" plastic hoops-she is taller than IT is!

I am still counting down the days until my next appt! Wednesday can not get here fast enough!! Wednesday night is our Girl's night out. We are having a PJ party over at Tanya's! I am looking forward to that too! I am so glad that they have planned at "GNO" that I will be able to go to! They are too sweet.

Well, I reckon that is it for now!

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