Monday, August 11, 2008


Today has been pretty much the same as yesterday :( . I did not sleep that well again last night. I think I am more emotional today because my lack of sleep. I feel the burdens of Brett, Mom and the kids-Brett looks so tired. I convinced him to let Mom sleep with me last night so she could help me in the middle of the night and he could get a full night of sleep. It must be so hard on him-to be concerned about our finances and all of the "stuff" (yard work,housework,laundry,cooking,dishes.......) and still work 2 jobs on top of dealing with me and my condition. Please pray for for him! God is faithful-my new "theme song" has been "Praise you in this storm" (casting crowns). Today-I broke down crying ( for the 1st time since my surgery)-I got my ipod out and played that song over and over..... . I refuse to "give up". God is still faithful-even though we are struggling now-He has a plan.

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