Sunday, August 10, 2008


I am feeling very frustrated today-I had a rough night last night. I kept waking up from a dead sleep with "stabbing" pains. I almost feel like I am taking steps backwards instead of moving forward. I am told that each day will be different and just because I can do something one day does not mean that I will be able to do it the next. The most frustrating thing about my recovery is not the pain but rather the limitations that I have. I can hear the phone ringing-I can SEE the phone about 3 feet away but I can not answer it unless it is in my chair with me. It takes me about 20 mins to get up and walk to the bathroom-that is with 3 people helping me! I have absolutely NO dignity left for sure! I know that it is going to get better and I just need some patients-but today, I am frustrated. I am just relying on God and counting my blessings with each (VERY slow) step-knowing I could be in a lot worse shape. My feet and my legs are still numb-can't wait until the feeling comes back! Thanks again for all the prayers, support and phone calls! I feel loved!

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