Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am finally home!

Well......where to start? I finally made it home from the hospital last night-it feels sooooooooooo good to be home! The hospital and staff were amazing but there is just no place like home! My surgery went well-it took 9 hours (instead of 6-like they thought). I had a hard time coming out of the anaesthesia-that took me 2 hours after the surgery. I was so relieved to wake up with my eyesight!-they had warned me that blindness was a risk-but they also listed a ton of other risks as well. But just as the wheeled me into the OR-the doctor said " you do know that there is a chance that you will wake up blind-don't you?"-I answered "yes" and I asked him why-he said that since I would be laying flat on my stomach for so many hours all the blood rushes to behind the eyes causing a lot of pressure-anyhoo-the first thing they asked me when I woke up was "can you see?". I was so thankful for my sight! They did scratch my left eye somehow but they called in a eye doc and he took care of it. I feared, I was sick throwing up for the first 2 days :( . Just as I planned, I refused all pain meds since I knew that I would just keep throwing up-instead I stuck to regular old Tylenol(some of the nurses thought I was insane for not taking meds-but the pain from throwing up was too much for me to handle). The pain was pretty intense the first few days-it felt like the worst "contraction" (as in labor!) EVER-but it just never let up! Now, while I am sitting in the recliner or adjustable bed, the pain is not so bad-not much worse that the pain I lived with before the surgery. Whenever I have to move the pain gets much worse. I am still not able to walk much-but I am able to walk a little farther each day. My feet and legs are completely numb and my legs have almost no strength-so it makes it very difficult to walk. I have a "walker" that I can not even stand up without-my roommate at the hospital was a crazy woman who was doped up on pain meds and she kept telling me that I took HER walker-I told my Mom that I never dreamed in a million years that I would be fighting with an old lady over a walker! It is funny to me-I kept showing her where her walker was but she insisted that it was not hers. Of course, she also kept asking the nurses where her "sparkle dress" that she ordered was at-and why it had not been delivered to her! She was a "hoot" for sure! So, now it is on to recovery-I have a physical therapist and a occupational therapist coming to our house 3 days a week for at least 2 months-they are supposed to work with me on regaining my strength. Within 10-14 days I will be getting the "staples" removed (all 40 of them!-I have a 9" incision-it sounds worse than it is though). I think once I regain feeling in my feet and legs-nothing will be able to stop me!! I am still feeling "drugged" for the anesthesia-I can even taste it still! I will keep updating my progress as much as possible. Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, emails, flowers, gifts........!! I really do appreciate it! (I am tagging this one as "God's goodness" as well as "medical madness" since I know that without His grace,mercy and strength I could not have come through this)

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