Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pre-op appt.

As you all know, today was my pre-op appt. We were there the entire day-I was so glad that Karen went with me-we actually had FUN! We met some very interesting people-to say the least. The appt went ok-there were a couple of issues I had though. The first being that the info that I had conflicted somewhat with what the info the surgeon's office had. Yesterday I got the surgeon's notes (from my first appt) in the mail. In his notes he mentioned doing the TLIF (which I knew about)and also doing a "facet fusion". I did not know what a facet fusion was, so I asked the assistant today. He explained what it was but then he told me that I was not having that done (or at least he did not have the paperwork drawn up for me to sign consenting to that surgery as well). I showed him the letter I had gotten in the mail yesterday and he was perplexed-the surgeon is on vacation right now and he can not be reached,so they are going to ask him about it when he comes back and have the paperwork drawn up for me to sign the morning of my surgery. If he does (or doesn't) do it,I do not think it will make a difference as far as my recovery. It will just mean some more "screws" will be put into my spine-in a different part of the bone than just the TLIF would require. Anyhoo-I just got a little frustrated by that situation-I mean did the doc just "forget" that he was also doing the facet fusion (and therefore forget to put it in the paperwork) or did change his mind about adding that surgery since he mailed me the report? I am not sure I am happy with either answer. I am gonna have to be at the hospital at.....5:30 AM Tuesday(which means leaving at 4:30 am)! Bummer! Not so much for me-since I will get to "sleep"-but Brett and my Mom are gonna be exhausted! I also found out that I will be wearing a back brace for at least 3 months (24/7!). I was really hoping I would not have to wear one-some people I have talked to online had to wear one but others-didn't. I was hoping to be one of the "lucky" ones who would not have to wear one. Especially since being measured for the custom made brace..I am not sure I am going to be able to breathe! It is kinda weird how different surgeons require different things for the same surgery. Some surgeons require the patient use a "walker" (YES! The "old people" kind!) and others refuse to LET their patients use one! I also found out that I will be put in ICU for a day or so after the surgery-since I will be "under" for so long (they say it will take 6 hours-if all goes well). I am glad that they told me that upfront, so I could prepare my Mother-I knew she'd be worried if she did not know that it was planned that way. Hopefully I will be able to come home within 4 days-that is gonna be my goal! I am gonna do everything I am told to do-(YES! Karen! EVERYTHING!-even stick the "stuff" up my nose! :( ) Well, I am ready to kick back and relax for a while. I just wanted everyone to know that we made it home (miracle in itself! We did not know where we were going!). Please Keep praying for me! Thanks!

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