Saturday, July 26, 2008

Old picture

My mom sent me this old picture taken of her and my Dad many (many!) moons ago-I thought it was a very beautiful and artistic photo. Notice the camera in her is in my genes!
Today I got a lot done. I planted a flowering bush outside my living room picture window-while I was outside I cleaned the windows, which lead me to clean the inside windows, while cleaning the girls' room windows I noticed that their curtains needed washing, while taking the curtains down I noticed their mini blinds needed washing, after taking down the blinds and washing them-I put them back up. It was then that I decided that their room needed some additional paint colors now that they have new quilts (the ones my mom made). The room was painted to match their old comforters but the new quilts have the same colors and some additional ones too. So....I started painting orange hearts and pink polka dots on their walls. I am worn out! I still have some more painting to do, but I got most of it finished. My day reminds me of that classic book "If you give a pig a pancake" or "If you give a mouse a muffin". It has been a busy day but a productive one-it is now 11:17 pm and I just finished folding the last load of laundry! Brett is still out working-he had an airport run that will be coming in at 11:40-then he has to drive them back to Brookesville! He will not be home until 2:30 am-he looked so tired when he left-I feel so badly for him. I think that it wears on him more knowing that he is working 2 jobs(about 60+ hours a week) and it is STILL not enough! I just keep waiting for something to "give"-but it seems like every time it does something else comes up that sucks us dry! We have paid off over $15,000 in bills this year (mostly because of my SSD back pay check),...that is FIVE less payments that we have to make, but it has not effected us at ALL! I guess since everything else has gone up it is just costing more to live-anyhoo...this blog has turned into me rambling on. What is with me today!? Well-I am about ready to turn it for the night. I am gonna just keep trusting God-He must have a plan.

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