Thursday, May 29, 2008

One "point" treats!

Alright, so we all know that the best snacks are healthy ones (fruits,veggies) but for those of you who live in the "real world" I wanted to share some of my favorite one point treats! I discovered one point Bryers ice cream! I was at the store,scanning the ice cream, and I picked one up that looked good-when I got out my WW points calculator I was thrilled to find out that it was only one point for 1/2 cup!! Usually even the light ice cream is about 3 pts for 1/2 cup! The flavor I tried was Bryers fat free cappuccino chunk-it is cappuccino ice cream with bits of brownie pieces in it! No artificial sweeteners (which I do not mind but I have yet to find a sugar free ice cream I like!)! Yummy! Now-no one ever eats 1/2 cup of ice cream so be sure to measure it out and count 1 pt per serving. Last week I also found one point ice cream bars-they are by "Skinny Cow" and they are called "skinny dippers"-they are ice cream bars that are half way dipped in chocolate. They come in mint,carmel and vanilla-I love the mint ones! Another favorite 1 pt treat are the WW new chocolate chip cookies-they are individually packaged cookies-they are not very big but they are really good and they are a "good point bargain". In ww meetings you can find other (overpriced) treats-my favorite are the 1 pt "peanut butter bliss" one point bars!

Sugar (obviously) is my downfall, but for those of you who prefer salty treats, there are plenty of choices for you too! I buy fat free "pringles"-they are also just 1 pt per serving! I also buy individual serving bags of microwave popcorn-the brand I use (O.R) is only 1 pt for the bag! Finding a new treat that I can budget into my daily points allowance just thrills me! It is much like a treasure hunt! There are plenty of alternatives available that do not leave us stuck crunching on carrot sticks (although, you do need to eat your veggies like your "mama" always told you too!) while everyone else is eating the "good stuff". You just have to keep your eyes open, do the WW math, and watch you portions.

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