Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mama's Quilts

My mom can sew "like no body's business"! She has been making each of her grandkids a quilt (where's mine Mom?). For Brooke's special quilt she made a flowered one with a fence at the bottom. Maddie's is gonna be a butterfly one-it is almost finished! Spencer's will be one with footballs and other sports. She does such a beautiful job! Today, the girls also got new quilts for their room in the mail. They turned out so cute! She even embroidered their names on their pillow cases! I wanted to share the pics with
everyone-I wish I had her talent!

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Tara Sloan said...

These are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Sherri! Your mother has such a gift!!!! Way to go Miss Irene! What treasures these will be!