Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day!

Today was a beautiful day! It started out with my "Prince and Little Prince" bringing me coffee and a special breakfast in bed (OK-nothing new there-Brett does that every morning). After that, I got to open my presents and read my cards. Brooke bought me a small make up case, perfect to put in my purse, Maddie bought me a key chain-in the shape of a key-she said it was the "key to her heart" and she gave me two of her "beanie babies". Spencer has been making things for weeks! He drew a picture of the "Saints" football team (he does not like the Saints-so I pretend to love them just cause my parents live in Louisiana and it is fun to aggravate him about it). He also drew a picture of "Brad Paisley" and "Toby Mac"-since they are my favorite artists. He drew a picture of a castle "since I am a princess" and he colored a picture of a zebra. They each put a lot of thought and effort into their gifts for me! My little Noah gave me a Mother's day card and a gift set from Victoria's Secret (vanilla lace-my fav!). I think it is so precious that his mom "shares" him with me! (Thanks Lisa!!)! To hear him say "Mama Sherri"- just melts my heart! After church we came home and had a lovely lunch-all prepared-with love-by Brett! It was SOOOO good! After lunch Brett took a nap-he did not get home from work until 2:00 am, then we all went swimming. We have had a really great day! NOW-I get a "movie long" massage! (yippeeeee!!). I got a movie from blockbuster (Bella)and once the kids are down we are going to watch it. Well-I wanted to share my day with everyone, I hope ya'll had a beautiful day too! Oh-I almost forgot.... (don't tell on me!) Brett got me a shipment of gourmet coffee-it is being delivered tomorrow!
I forgot to tell you about our church service! The kids all got up and said why their Mom was so special. Spencer said "My mom is so special cause she takes me to the movies! (he has NARNIA on his brain!!-he can't wait until May 16th-the 2nd Narnia is coming out!) and Maddie said " my Mom is special cause while I am at school, she does housework". Sweet-I was so worried when they said that the kids were going to be doing that-I even said out loud "you should have warned us!"-Spencer just never know what that boy is thinking! His thought process is so different-sometimes I am just shocked at what he thinks about and how he views the world. (That is a whole other blog I guess!)

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Jennie said...

Maddie cracked me up when she said that about you doing housework. I don't think most kids realize that Mom's the reason the house stays clean enough to live in. Especially one as young as Maddie - smart girl.