Monday, May 12, 2008

Weight loss-#4

Ok....I am putting this picture up to show everyone that I do not always follow my own advice! I let my hormones win last week and I gave in to a craving for a banana split (no excuses-I could have been strong but I caved!). I told my girls to take this picture so I could post it here-I wanted everyone, who may be discouraged by my past weight loss entries, to know that "messing up" is ok-every now and then and success lies in getting back on track right away (well.....maybe not RIGHT away-I am REAL in this blog, remember! I had apple pie and ice cream with my Mother's day lunch). So, if you have "blown it" (like ME) don't consider yourself "down for the count" but get back up and start "fighting" again!

WOW! That is a terrible picture-I mean business-I am completely real with ya'll! :)

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