Saturday, May 10, 2008

Farewell to "Little House"

Tonight-we watched the very last episode of "The little house on the prairie". It is a sad night in the McCann household. We started with the very first episode about a year and 1/2 ago-It was then that Brett bought me the complete first season on DVD. He has been buying additional seasons for me for birthdays,anniversaries,and "just because" presents ever since. The girls and I loved watching 3-4 episodes in a row late into the night while Brett was working his 2nd job. We would get very excited about the upcoming episodes-the girls counted down the days until the "Mary goes blind" episode! As "morbid" as it may be......that night we threw our very own "Mary goes blind party" and we made it extra special with pizza and coke! Crazy? Yes-but we made memories that my kids will never forget! It seems like the "end" of a family tradition (although Spencer is happy-he was never that thrilled with "little house on the praridy"-as he called it).I just loved that show-I loved not having to worry about the content being "kid friendly" and loved that there were so many spiritual lessons and references in them as well. We will miss you "Little House"-at least until we are ready to start our tradition all over again!
Picture from our "Mary goes blind" party!

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Jennie said...

I still get made fun of in my family because I still love watching Little House. Although The Waltons have won out with me over the last few years. I've seen each episode three times probably. Watching those shows makes me wish for simpler times.