Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Pool

We bought an above ground pool for the kids to enjoy over the summer. We were going to buy a summer pass to the "Rec" center (they have 4 pools) but we decide it would be much easier and more convenient for us to have our own. We live on a "hill" and our ground is not very level-we THOUGHT we had leveled it enough-but after filling the pool up (with 5,000 gallons of water!) we realized it was not even close to being level! We debated on just taking it down and returning it-but we decided that it would "just have to do" for this summer. After the season is over we will figure something else out. The kids have been loving it! We all went swimming together today-it was a bit too cold for me (it will warm up once the sun hits it a few days) but I laid on a raft-until Brett tipped me over! Update-Brett did fairly alright with his shopping list. Me and the girls got such a "kick" out of seeing him struggle through some of the items though! He looked for the salad dressing for at least 15 mins!(it was written-larger than life-above his head!). He also had a hard time finding the sprouts-at one point he was literally staring right at them and he did not see them! If we did not "give it away" by "cracking up laughing" ,he would probably still be standing there looking for them! Overall-he did OK -spent too much $ (he paid $4.00 for a teeny-tiny thing of blueberries!)-but he did OK. Can't wait to eat my sandwich tomorrow!

Happy Mother's day!!

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