Saturday, May 31, 2008

God's faithfulness!

Last week Brett's other hearing aid broke and it could not be repaired in the office. They called and told me that they would have to send it out and that it would cost us $200.00 to get it fixed. I told them to go ahead and send it out and that we would come up with the money before it came in (5-7 days later).I have been praying all week for God to provide the money to pay for the repairs-at first I did not even tell Brett (until yesterday when he finally asked me if I had heard back from the office)-I did not want him to feel bad about it and I did not want him to say "no" since we did not have the money and we do not use credit. Anyhoo-I have been praying and believing that God was gonna come through for us-I reminded Him of His promise to meet our needs and the covenant that we are in with Him. I have been checking our bank account online everyday (looking for what?-I don't know). This morning when I checked it I saw our balance (which was the same as yesterday) and then right before I logged off I saw that there was a electronic deposit pending (that we were not expecting) for $289.00! I asked the bank about it and they said that the funds were available now-I asked who it was from and they said that they did not have that information yet. I am almost positive that the money came from social security-about a week ago they told me that they were going to stop taking my Medicare premium out of my monthly check (since I qualified for a special needs program) and that they would refund the premiums that they already took out. They told me that it would take several months before it would be put in the system-so I was not expecting the refund so quickly! God knew what we needed and when we needed it-I believe that He had a hand in speeding up the process to meet our need! (If you have ever dealt with SS-you know what a miracle this is!)I am always in awe when I know that God heard my prayer (why?) and that he cared enough to answer it.

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Johnnie said...

He is SOOOO faithful! I like that you reminded him of his promises. So few people do that....out of guilt or whatever, I don't know. God loves to know that we are expectant, because that means we know that HE is our source, and HE alone gets the credit! Awesome blog!!

- j -