Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cross City

We just got back from spending time with my family in Cross city. We had an amazing vacation! We had fun fishing in a pond, ridding the 4 wheeler in the woods and just being together! My sister has 5 children and her youngest 3 are the same ages as my 3 kids so they love spending time with each other. Alexis and Levi are (almost) as crazy as we are and we laugh so hard that it hurts!! Here are some of the pics from this weekend.

This is my niece-Gillie, she LOVES playing with
the fish!

The fish that I caught were tiny-Spencer caught the biggest fish (a bass)!

Good Byes are tough on the kids. :(

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Tara Sloan said...

The kids are gorgeous Sherri! I spent some time on your blog today reading what is happening in your family and how great God is to you guys... what powerful testimonies!

Say hello to Brett for us..