Saturday, April 5, 2008

Alone time

Tonight-I have the entire house to myself. My girls went to Cross City with my parents and My "prince charming" and son are camping with the "royal rangers" (church group for boys). I took a long, hot bath, edited some pics (for my Mom) and I am about to watch a movie. I am enjoying my time alone-but I am glad that my house is not always this quiet! Tomorrow I will be going for a long walk and then I have to get this house back in order!! I am so glad that I have been able to have some time to just kick back and relax but I am looking forward to being on vacation and spending time together as a family when the boys are back from camping. We are going to be staying at my parent's 2nd home in Cross City-out in the boon docks, away from it "all", my sister and her family live in that area and my kids are looking forward to spending time with their 5 cousins! I will blog about our vacation and post some pics when I get back!