Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wishing you "Sundays"

Sunday is the ONE day that Brett has off -it is our "family" day. It seems like no matter what we are doing, just being together is enough! Some Sundays we go feed the turtles, ducks and fish (that seem to SMILE at us since there is "no fishing" in this particular lake!), some Sundays we go see a movie and walk the mall, or we may we go to the local REC center to play sports. What I love most about Sunday is just being able to spend the day together, laughing and sharing with each other! Today, we made the most out of our Sunday-we went to church, stopped by the grocery store-we got "hit up" by the Girl Scouts and we bought a box of cookies-we left the parking lot and turned around and bought ANOTHER box of cookies!! (My Prince Charming knew that I bought the PB cookies since HE liked them and he wanted to buy me the coconut ones since he knew that those were the ones I like-sweet! huh?) We came home and ate our "crock pot" lunch (which in itself was an experience!!-the kids had me laughing and crying at the SAME time because of the craziness-I think you had to be there to understand!),we took a nap , went to the mall so we could buy socks (the WHOLE family needed them!) and so the kids could spend some money they had. We had to stop by Target, then Walmart,came home and paid some bills and now we are ready for bed. My point is that to most people this would seem like any ordinary, boring day but when you live the "crew" I live with NOTHING is EVER boring! I am so thankful for the "Sundays" in life-they mean more to me than anything else ever could! I am so blessed to have my family-each member is so unique and I am grateful that we all still WANT to be with each other. So, while each and every day is a blessing from God-Sundays are the days I love the most. Wishing you all happy "Sundays",

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