Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My "Prince Charming"

Sunday evening we were riding along, running a few errands, when we came up to a stop light. Brett stopped at the light, then he opened the car door and took off running across another lane of traffic! The kids and I were in complete SHOCK wondering what in the world this man was doing now! Within seconds the light changed to green and there we were, sitting at the green light waiting for Brett to return to the car-when he ran back to the car he had a single flower in his hand! He had spotted a flower growing in the median and he wanted to pick it for me! I thought of all the times I have received flowers and I could not remember a single time that it meant more to me. Of course, after I told him how incredibly sweet it was, I smacked him and told him to never do that again! I love that our children get to see the love that we have for each other and they able to see what marriage can be-I think that it gives them a huge sense of security knowing that their parents are truly in love.

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