Saturday, March 15, 2008

My day

Spencer and Noah

Today has been a very busy and challanging day. It started out in a freenzy from the moment I woke up. Noah (my 3 year old "second son"-long story) came over at about 9:00, he wanted to come spend time with his "Mama Sherri" (as he affectionately calls me). Then we left to take Maddie to her guitar lesson-while she was there, Noah, Brooke and I ran a couple of errands. We left there and picked up Brett and Bubba from the church (the boys had a "mock Pow Wow" and spent the night at the church)-from there we brought Brett home so he could get ready for work. The kids and I then went to the park, where the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community had an egg hunt. Spencer really likes being able to go to "DHH" events-he is always amazed that other kids wear hearing aids too! I think it took him a while to realize that it was a DHH event-even though I told him that he was going to see kids from his old school (he attended a school for the deaf and hard of hearing for 3 years). At first he came running to me and said "mommy! I saw someone with RED hearing aids!". I could not understand why he was so amazed by that-especially since he once had red hearing aids too(the kids can choose the color of the ear mold-part of the hearing aid that goes into their ear-he usually chooses 2 colors and has them swirled-currently green and yellow). But, when he came up to me again and told me that he saw someone with GREEN hearing aids and said "MAN! there sure are a lot of people weaing hearing aids here and I saw people doing sign language!", I realized that he did not know it was a DHH event. I think that it is really good for him to be around other hard of hearing children and to see that there are other children like him. Anyways-by the time we left the park I was beyond tired! I then came home and finished up a project that I have been working on for a friend-a very challanging project that has taken me about 8 hours-something that should have taken me about 2 hours-but there was a computer glitch! My girls and I then watched 2 "Little Houses"-we are almost finished watching the entire series. Now, I am about to go tuck them in and get ready for a little "me time"-which will propably last about 5 mins before I drift off to sleep myself! Busy day....but a fun day! I loved spending time with my children and with my little Noah!! Tomorrow-is the TOBY MAC concert-the girls got tickets for Christmas and they are SOO excited about going!! Look for a blog-complete with pics soon!