Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our dogs

We have three children and three dogs. We did not exactly "plan" it that way (the DOGS! NOT the children! :) ). Pooh bear, we got when we were first married-so, of course he is the oldest and our oldest daughter, Brooke, claims him. Second, we have "Scruffy". We got him when Spencer was 2 weeks old and Brett and I stopped by the pet store to pick up some dog food. The humane society was there trying to adopt out some dogs. There were all these adorable little puppies there, but in the same pen was this scruffy little dog that no one wanted to pet. We heard people saying "look how ugly that dog is!", but no one would pet him. This broke Brett's heart and he talked me into adopting the dog that Is SO ugly that he is actually cute! Next, we have "lady bug"-she followed me on a walk one day (about 4 years ago)-I kept yelling at her to "go home" but she just kept following me! When I approached a main highway, I picked her up so she did not run out infront of a car-it was then that I fell in love with her! She put her head on my shoulder-just like a little baby, and she was ours. (Of course, we put up flyers and advertised in the paper that we found her but no one claimed her.) When I came home with her that day I said to my husband "Look what I found, Honey!" and he laughed and said "Whose yard did you find her in!" (insinuating that I took her!). She was beautiful, well groomed and housebroken! Spencer immediately took to her and she became his! It is funny how each of the dog's personalities match up with the child that "owns" it. Brooke, is kinda quiet (NOT around us though! :) ) and she is the "head child" of the home. Pooh bear keeps to himself most of the time but ALWAYS keeps the other dogs inline! Funny thing is that he is the smallest but the other two dogs "listen" to him! He knows what each of the dogs are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do and he will bark at them when they are stepping out of line!Scruffy-is "different", he is very lovable but he he is just a little different. He will let you do anything to him! Maddie dresses him up like a baby all the time!Maddie is very lovable and she is very different-she is a creative soul! Lady bug-is LAZY and spoiled! Now, I would NEVER say that Bubba is EITHER one of those things, BUT............. (Truthfully,Spencer is really not lazy, but he NEVER wants to leave the house-even for "fun" things!). I really believe that Lady Bug was sent to us by God. Spencer was so young (3 years old) and with the problems he was facing he needed a "friend" like Lady! She loves him just as much I believe! He drags that dog around the house on a leash-he makes her lay down and then covers her up with his beloved "baa boo" (blanket)......... . So, while our house is very crowded, and our dogs are a lot of work-We love them all!