Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God's Provision

Let me start this blog out by saying that when I created this blog I decided that I would be REAL-completely REAL when sharing my life. Sometimes I think that God has allowed so many trials in our lives so we can share our experiences with other people and I do not want to "waste" an experience just because of my pride or my fear. With that being said-some of what I am going to share is personal and I DO NOT want ANYone to respond to this blog by sending us money or sympathy! That is not my purpose! Please respect that. Here goes.....Yesterday morning we were out of gas, almost out of food (OUT of toilet paper!), and out of money! Prayer got us to Brooke's school in the morning but my "faith" was not strong enough to attempt to pick her up without getting gas first! :) So, my plan was to hunt through the house for change and hope the convienent store clerk did not laugh her head off when I handed her .75 cents for gas! So, after we got the kids off to school I started out on my walk-I just kept praying for a miracle-I pictured walking up to my house and seeing that someone had left us bags of groceries, or finding a $5 bill beside the road, or the mail coming early and there being the check that I have been waiting for for months! I just kept talking to God the whole walk begging Him to show us if there is something we are doing wrong that is keeping His hand from our finances. You know, I do not understand why we are in this spot-I can not pretend to comprehend it. We have been faithful in our tithes and offerings-we give when God says "Give". We WANT to give more and there are so many ways that I can think of to bless other people. So, we I hear on a "podcast" (I LOVE MY ipod!)what I already KNOW-"God wants His people to have MORE that enough so we can be a blessing to other people" I just get confused. Anyways..... I believe -REALLY believe that although we have been here for so long-it is not where we will stay!! So, back to my story-yesterday morning, when I got back from my walk, there were no groceries on my doorstep, I never found that $5 bill. But, before I could hunt for change I got an email from someone wanting to buy something we were selling on "Craig's list"( (love it!). And a few minutes later someone else emailed me about a seperate item we were selling! So, with in one hour of having to go pick up Brooke (on .75 cents worth of gas!) I had $90.00 cash in my hands! Both items sold within an hour! I filled my gas tank, picked up Brooke, bought TOILET paper (sometimes, ya just gotta laugh to keep from crying!) and food and I was still able to meet my friends to celebrate a birthday (which I thought I would have to cancel! It was our monthly "GNO" Girl's Night Out-a group of us "Moms" take one night off a month "catch up" on life outside our homes and we talk for hours over "Starbucks"!)! So, while I did not get an angel knocking at my door with money( I DO have some of those stories to tell too!), I DID get a miracle! God provided, once again, for my family. And, one day, I believe that we WILL have "more than enough" and I can put all my ideas, on how to bless other people, to good use!