Monday, August 3, 2009

Crazy day!

Today has been one CRAZY day! Maddie woke up with her eye swollen shut. This is the 6th eye infection she has had over the last 2 months! I took her to the doctor at 8:30 am, took Spencer to Tanya's house (to play with Ryan) at 10 am, had to be in Tampa for my neurosurgeon appt by 12:00 pm, picked up Spencer, took Maddie to another doctor (a specialist), then filled her Rx's. Now I am home and ready to rest! is the news!! My neurosurgeon took new x rays and I am 80% fused (I had back surgery 1 year ago on Aug 5th)!! YEAH!!! I was hopeful that I would be 100% fused but the surgeon was very pleased with 80% so I am happy too! He told me that he thought I should get the screws removed since they are pushing into my muscles. He gave me the option to go ahead and do it now or wait another year until I am completely fused. Since I am not sure I want to get them removed at all, and since I am having another surgery next week, I am going to wait until next august to even consider it. The pain I have from the screws is not even close to the pain I felt before...if the pain before was a "10", the pain now may be a "2" or "3". So I can live with it!
I just wanted to share the news with everyone! I am so grateful to God for causing my bones to fuse properly!! That was one surgery that I NEVER want to have to go through again!

This evening Maddie managed to SHATTER the front of my oven! She was leaning over it, trying to get to the microwave and the door just shattered into thousands of tiny pieces! Anyhoo...sometimes ya just gotta laugh! Only my Maddie!

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