Thursday, August 13, 2009

checking in

Sorry I have been MIA! I feel like I am juggling too many websites! I have this one, a personal one (by invitation only because of the graphic pics) and FB. surgery went AWESOME!! I am SOOO excited! First of all...for the VERY FIRST time I did not get sick from the anesthesia. Thanks to an online friend who suggested a new medication (used for chemo pts) and thanks to my surgeon who actually LISTENED to me and got the med for me and thanks to GOD...for His mercy!! Anyhoo..I was expecting the worst kind of pain ever and I can honestly say I am not in ANY pain....I am just "sore". I did not even need to take a Tylenol while at the hospital! I took a PM one last help me sleep. I spent one night in the hospital and I was "itching" to get out by the time I was discharged! I still get sleepy, leftover anesthesia ....I am guessing. I am walking bent over per doc orders..but even that is not as bad as I prepared myself for. My biggest challenge now is just to follow doc orders. She was worried that I would try to do too much since I am feeling so good.....but I have seen pics of incisions where people did too much and I do NOT want to go through that (I have several hundred stitches....3 layers for each stitch!)!! SO.....I am taking a mini (6 week) "vacation". Reading books, having friends visit..(and bring me food!), watching TV.....taking it easy. Thanks for all the prayers!! Please continue to pray..I am believing God for a flawless recovery!! He has brought me this far and I know that He will not leave me now! I feel so loved....I feel like God heard my cry and He answered my prayers...exceedingly-abundantly ABOVE all I could ask for or think! Truly...He has!

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