Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer.....we're off and running!

I just love lazy summer days!! No need to rush through my coffee in the morning, no need to get in bed by 10:30 pm.....just love it! Today I took a long nap......and I did not have to cut it short because of school letting out! I enjoy having the kids home with me all day too (....most days :).

I wanted to catch everyone up since we were off the computer for so long! Where to start? As a PROUD Mother I have to start with the awards that our kids got this year! Brooke made honor roll (all As and Bs)...(for the whole year!) and she was one of 2 kids, in the whole school, who got an award for being so "respectful". She got a beautiful plaque with her name engraved on it!! Maddie got Principal's list (all As)...(all year long!)! She also got an award for academic excellence in EVERY subject! She was also given the HIGHEST award ever given at their school..."The Eagle Award", which is only given to one child per class (and only one child in the entire middle school and one child in high school). Anyhoo, she got it for her grades and her Christian character!! She got a beautiful glass trophy with her name etched in it! One of the Dads at the award ceremony joked that Maddie was gonna need a whole room just for all her awards! Spencer got awards for improvement, conduct and Science. I am so proud of all three of my "babies"!!

I am STILL playing the "waiting game" for my surgery!! My insurance company now has 30 business days to give me a response! I am trying really hard to trust God with the whole thing...but I must admit I have become impatient! If my Insurance co denies me then I have to question my decision on going through with the "tummy tuck" anyway. I know I have said that for once in my life I am gonna do the "irresponsible" and "selfish" thing......but I do not know if I can bring myself to do that! I have always walked that "straight line" whole life. IF I can come up with the rest of the money for the hospital/anesthesia then I will go forward....I am doing really well, I have about 1/2 of the money needed for those things. I am praying in the rest! At first I struggled with guilt....even asking God for that, when there are so many other needs in this world........but, I realized that God cares about EVERY aspect of my life and HE knows my heart and how much I desire this! He cares about the major issues AND the "minor" issues in our lives...nothing too big or too small! Although.....I'd have to classify this need as a major my life at least. I know that most people do not understand.....but I remind myself that GOD knows my heart. I spoke with an older, wiser woman about this issue....and once I showed her my part of stomach, she said " have got to do whatever you have to do to get that taken care of"! Even I was shocked by that answer...perhaps if you knew who she was, you would be too ;) Anyhoo...not sure how I got here from where I started in this post.....ramblin' on I guess! Well, I made crab cakes for supper.....they are just about ready and I need to get the table set!! Hope you are all having a blessed summer!!

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