Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well, my sources were right! I went to Walgreen's after church-I got 2 Oust sprays, 4 tubes of Colgate (with free toothbrushes included in the packaging), 6 tubes of Aquafresh whitening toothpaste, 3 boxes of equal (100 count packets), 2 bottles of Dial hand soap, and 2 lady speed stick deodorants. My total was $4.15 !
BTW-CVS has Christmas items 90% off right now-and then CVS by me still had makeup sets and other gift items! I got 2 makeup sets-that were $14.99 for just $1.49!

I have been meaning to blog about how proud I am of my kids! They have jumped on the "fasting" band wagon-without ANY prompting from me or Brett! ON THEIR OWN, they decided what they wanted to fast and for how long they are going to fast for. Brooke has given up her NEW Nintendo DS (that she just got for Christmas and she LOVES!), Maddie has been giving up ALL drinks but water, chocolate and DS, and Spencer is fasting CANDY! (If you know Bubba-you know that one means a LOT to God! lol) At first he was going to fast computer, cause he "doesn't really go on it that much anyway".....I explained that we should give up something that means a LOT to us-not something that we do not care about..he then decided he would fast candy, so God would know that he loves HIM more than candy-how sweet is that!? I am truly proud of each one of the kids, for deciding on their own to fast along with me and Brett! I am believing God for great things for our family this year!

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