Saturday, January 10, 2009

My sources say.......

Walgreen's has a lot of great deals coming up (starting tomorrow)! Here are some of the great deals I have found:
Aquafresh toothpaste on sale for $2.99-use easy saver coupon (for -$2.00 off) and they are .99 cents. Use the .75 off manufacturer's coupon (found in last week's paper) and they are only .24 each!
Equal sweetener is on sale for 2/$5-use the manufacture's coupon for -$2.50 off (also found in last week's paper) and you get 2 boxes for FREE!
Speed stick deodorant is on sale for $1.99-use your b1g1 free coupon (last week's paper) and you get 2/$1.99!
Dial hand soap is B1G1-use the .35 off coupon and you pay just $1.79-for 2!

That is just a few of the deals I got "word of"! I "held my tongue" last week, until I could verify the info I got-and sure enough-it was correct! I am assuming that it will be correct this week too! Happy Shopping!

I am REALLY excited about the coupon class on Tuesday night!! I hope that you are all able to come!! I had to laugh and one of my friends (who's name I will withhold!). She was nervous about putting my tips to use, for fear she would be arrested for coupon fraud! (I think-HOPE that she was just kidding about that!) It reminds me of one time when I was with my Mom and we got about 20 packs of olay soap for free-when we were walking out of the store she said " I keep thinking that someone is going to come running out of the store to arrest us"! I know that it can be a little nerve racking at first-but TRUST me when I say I would NEVER do anything I felt was dishonest and I certainly would not tell someone else to do it!! I even made some phone calls to managers of our local stores-just to verify everything I already knew (in preparation for my class). Truthfully, I had a question about a Publix coupon-for YEARS I have been combining the store coupons with manufacture coupons at Publix and just last week I saw that it says "can not be combined with any other coupon" at the bottom! I had never noticed it before-but I knew that it could not be correct since all the cashiers EXPECT me to have a manufacturer's coupon for every store coupon I have (I have a reputation it seems ;)! I called the manager and told him what the coupon says and he said that it has always been their policy to accept manufactures coupons along with their store coupons and he was not sure why that was printed on there...unless it meant no other "STORE" coupon. nameless friend......I will NOT have to come bail you out of jail!............At least not for coupon fraud! LOL

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