Friday, January 23, 2009


Here are the deals that I have spotted at Publix this week.....the sale starts today!

Juicy juice-bogo, -.50 off 2=$3.09 for 2
Kellogg's nuti-grain bars-bogo, -$1.00 off 2=$2.79 for 2
Kraft/seven seas salad dressing-bogo, -$1.00 off 2 =$2.27 for 2
Dole fruit gel or parfait bowls-bogo, -.75 off 2 =$1.69
McCormick garlic powder-bogo, -.25 off 1 =$2.49 for 2
Keebler cookies-bogo, -$1.00 off 1 (printable coupon-print 2!)= $2.11 for
Emerald nuts-bogo, -$1.50 off 2= $4.29 for 2
Orville Redenbocker popcorn-bogo, -$1.00 off 2=$4.07 for 2
Red Baron pizza-bogo, -$1.00 off 2=$4.97 for 2
Yoplait yougurt-20 for $10.00-.40 off 6=$2.60 for 6
Halls cough drops-bogo,-.50 off 1=.70 for 2
Fantastic cleaner-bogo, -1.00 of 1= .89 for 2
All these prices are listed in the Publix flyer, as I said last week-in this area they are CHEAPER, but since I do not know that exact prices, I am using the flyer's "save up to" to determine the prices.

There are LOTS of other bogos, but these are the ones that I have coupons to match up with. When the coupon says "$x.xx off ONE" be sure to use TWO coupons on the bogo deals, if the coupon says "$x.xx off TWO" then you can only use one coupon for every bogo deal you get. Sounds elementary...but you'd be surprised how many people are confused by this!

ALSO, I have a call into the district manager for our area-to ask about Publix's policy on using a bogo COUPON on a bogo deal (making the item completely free!)-stores vary on their policies and I wanted to double check before using my bogo coupon for Speed stick deodorant on Publix's store bogo deal this week! I see no difference between a store "deal" vs a store "coupon"-in which case it would be perfectly acceptable to do, but we'll see what he has to say-I will be sure to let you know when he calls back!

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