Friday, January 23, 2009

My shopping trip

Today I had some time to kill, before meeting Brett for lunch, so I ran to CVS, Publix and Target . Here are the deals that I got:

9 Loreal eyeliner pencils
5 Loreal liquid eyeliners
2 Loreal mascaras
3 (4 packs) of BIC Soleil razors
4 Reese's whipps candy bars
8 bars of Johnson's and Johnson's Buddies soap
2 bags of Luden throat drops
6 bags of Hall's cough drops
2 bottles of Dawn dish soap
1 bottle of Gillette men's shampoo
2 bottles of St. Ives body wash
1 bottle of rubbing alcohol
4 bottles of Fantastic multi purpose cleaner!
My total-all three stores together, was $8.58!! AND...I did not spend ANY reward bucks-that was JUST with coupons alone!

When I add up the savings, listed on the bottom of my receipts it totals....$197.73!

On my CVS receipt, my subtotal was NEGATIVE -.57 cents-I paid .76-for the remaining tax!

It takes a lot of time to coupon....but it is SOOOOO worth it when you can save such big bucks! Take the time...and you will be hooked too! :)

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michelle said...

I'm gonna steal your crown!!! hahahahahahahah
How awesome! Wow, I was getting out of breath reading the list of are the best girl!