Friday, January 16, 2009

Publix here are some of the great deals at Publix!

b1g1 Smucker's preserves -.35 off of each one, cost $2.69 (or less!)for 2!
b1g1 Muller's pasta -.55/2 or -.55/1 , cost .84 for 2 or .29 cents for 2 (depending on what coupon you have)!
b1g1 Motts juice-$1.00 off of each one (when you choose Motts tots-since that is what the coupon is good for), cost $1.13 for 2 bottles!
b1g1 Quaker instant oatmeal-.70 or -$1.00, cost $2.35 for 2 (with -.70 coupons) or $1.75 for 2 (with -$1.00 coupon)
b1g1 Yoplait Go-gurt-.75/2, cost $2.24 for 2!
b1g1 Lysol all purpose spray cleaner-$1.00 off of each one, cost .69 for 2!!
Electasol dishwasher detergent-$2.50 off of each one, cost $2.79 for 2 boxes (32 tabs in each box).....the Target deal is still better than this (if my math is correct). The bonus pack of 25 is on sale this week for just $3.25-the $2.50, they are just .75 each box.

That is all I have time for right now....keep in mind that I am going by the prices listed in the ad. For instance, the ad says "save up to" $3.13 on the Motts juice...meaning you save however much they cost, since you get one free. BUT, I have noticed, at the Publix that I shop at, the prices are always lower than the "save up to" listed in the ad-so you may be getting an even better deal!!

Let me know how your shopping trips go!! Sorry I do not have time for more!! Check the ad-you will find lots more of these great deals!

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