Monday, November 3, 2008

Ya'll pray!

Today I am going to see my surgeon for my 12 week check up! I do not know why...but going there makes me physically ill! I am praying for more bone growth and praying that there are no "screws loose" (Brett loves to aggravate me by saying "Honey, they are NOT going to x ray your HEAD!"-sweet huh? you know why I "dish it out" so much on HIM!). Anyhoo...I am terrified of the THOUGHT of having any more I guess that is the reason why these appts make me so crazy! I am going to ask him today about what OTHER options I have for the rest of my spine..I know there are lots of things "out there" that may help me. My low back was beyond the point where any other treatment would have worked...I was told that about my neck too...but, since I am able to deal with that pain better, than I was able to deal with the low back pain, I am going to exhaust all my other options first! I do NOT regret having my back surgery though...not at ALL!! I already feel so much better than I did before my surgery! Most of the time there is just an "ache".... at night, once I take off my brace and lay down I have more pain but STILL...NOTHING like I had before! What I had to go through, the first few weeks after my surgery, is enough to make me hold off on ANY other surgeries though. EVEN if I was GUARANTEED a 100% recovery.....I think I'd still wait as long as I possibly could! was THAT bad! Someone said to me the other day..."you do not complain much"...I replied "There is just no sense in it! It does not change anything!". Now, I happen to know that the person who said that...has never read my blog (he does not know anything about computers)-if he HAD read my blog.....he may think differently! I do use this blog as a chance to vent my frustrations and complaints...but I try (TRY!) to limit it to this "place". So.....those of you who do not really know me may think that all I DO is complain! LOL!
Anyhoo...if you think about it, say a prayer for me today!

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