Monday, November 3, 2008


My 12:30 appt with the neurosurgeon ended up being a 3:00 appt-since he was called into emergency surgery. After being in Tampa all day...I am worn out! The doctor was busy and rushed and not in a very good mood! :( He told me that there was bone growth...he did not tell me if there was MORE than last time or not. I do not know if he even saw my first set of x rays, since I saw his PA last time and not him. He told me that by 5 months post op I should be "indestructible"! So...that is good news-just 2 more months to go! He said that I can start "weaning" myself off of my brace..over the next 2 weeks I should be out of it for good! Of course, he told me to save it-since he thinks I will need surgery on the discs right above my surgery site. I am praying that I don't! Never the less...I will save it-esp. since it cost $1,500! He referred me out to another doctor for treatment for my neck and mid-back. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of that. I have another appt in the morning...for my new primary doctor-I will see what she says too. Anyhoo-I am tired, tired,tired...and yet I have to get ready for a PTO meeting now. I just wanted to update everyone on my appt.

ALRIGHT!! Our door bell just rang...and when we answered there was a LARGE bag full of bread and rolls and a WHOLE cake on our door step! Better fess up!

Thanks.......the kids dug right in!
Does that make me a bad mom?? Maddie says "well, what if there was such a thing as a bread stalker? Look it up!"


michelle said...

A bread stalker, that is hilarious!!!

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

Yep! She was serious! She wanted me to look it up online! Those girls, being the loving sisters that they are, said they'd just wait to see how Spencer felt after eating some of the cake! They kept asking do you feel now Bubba? Sweet huh?! LOL!

michelle said...

I am crackin' up!! That is just soo funny!! Of course...not if there really is a bread stalker! LOL

MOM said...

I love and miss my babies soooooo bad. They look like they are having fun with the bread stalker's lute. Give them kisses.