Sunday, November 16, 2008

We took the kids to the Rec. Center today.....we played Basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. (I TRIED to play.....but it aggravated my back-so I only played a little bit ). Anyhoo-I wanted to share some pics! Tonight is date night! I am excited! We are going to Red Lobster...I have a $4.00 off coupon AND a free appetizer/dessert coupon-so we decided to go there.

I was glad to see that my FAVORITE NFL player is the "honorary team captain" for the Bucs today! John Lynch is retiring...I hope that the let him retire as a Buc! I have a Lynch Bucs jersey that he signed for me...I even got a pic of him signing it (and also a picture that I took of him-when I shot a Bucs game umpteen years ago!). Anyhoo.....fingers are crossed that he retires a Buc!

Bubba's butt wound up right on Brett's face! LOL!

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michelle said...

Soo precious!!
I know that you know that you are blessed...=]