Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Missin' family :(

Today I am going for a long walk. I love this chilly weather! When I come home I am going to cut and file this week's coupons. Yesterday was incredibly busy, so I did not get the chance to do them.

I talked to my Daddy this morning-he called at 7:30 am -which was 6:30 am his time. He and my Mom (and our Gillie Girl) were on the way to the "fish house" to deliver fish (he's a commercial fisherman-for those of you who do not yet know that). I miss my family so much! Especially this time of year-with the weather cooler. It reminds me of the excitement I felt, as a child, waking up to the very first day a cold front moved through. My girls are exactly the same way! They squeal with excitement when it gets cold. Spencer , on the other hand,..........he HATES being cold! Even this morning. on the way to school, we had to listen to him whine and cry about how he wishes it was "hot". "When is it gonna be hot again"....."I hate it cold outside, I can't feel my legs!"..............................! I do not know about that child sometimes! Brett likes the colder weather-so I do not KNOW where he gets THAT from!

Anyhoo-I really miss my family! Our little "Gillie Girl" wants a Birthday Cake for Christmas! How sweet is THAT?! Her Birthday is the day after her Daddy's birthday-it is December 29th. She is such a precious child......and............ she thinks her "Sha Sha" (what all the kids call me) is a GENIUS! :) When she was here last time she was putting stickers on my brace-then she decided that she wanted to take them all off. Well, she kept ripping them each time she tried to remove one. So I told her to let me take them off for her-and when I carefully removed the first one-completely intact...I jokingly told her "see, your aunt Sha Sha is a GENIUS!". I said it with a fluctuation in the word "genius" and ever since she has gone around saying that "sha sha is a genius"-in the same tone that I said it to her. It is really cute! I told her that she was a genius too....just like her aunt Sha! Anyhoo...now, when my Dad calls -he always says "um...I need to talk to the genius".

Gillie & Maddie **Gillie Christmas morning **Gillie and Sha-Sha **playing peek a boo** and Gillie & her Daddy

I miss that little curly headed girl!

Well, if I am going to get going on my walk, I need to eat some breakfast and GO!

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MOM said...

WE miss you guys toooo. Looking at these pictures I can see how fast she has grown. All of my babies are getting to big. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU AUNT SHA.