Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My appt today

Today has been busy-I went for my walk this morning. I walked up to Walgreen's to fill a RX that my surgeon prescribed for me yesterday. Then I came home, got all my films/reports ready, showered and headed to my doctor's appt. After that, I ran home and ate some lunch, ran by the store and then to the school. I had to set up for a party for Maddie's class (I am the class "Mom")-we just got home from that...now I am going to rest for a bit-until I need to figure out what we have left in this house to eat for supper! (I have to go shopping tomorrow!).

My appt with my new primary doctor (Dr Strobbe) went really well! I am SO thrilled with her! She took the time to listen to me and answer my questions! She even had Christian music playing in her office! Anyhoo..she order (yet another!) MRI on my neck (for Monday)and she ordered epidural injections for my neck and upper/mid spine(on Wednesday). I am so amazed that I got all of those appts set today! If you have ever had to see a specialist or have an mri-then you know that sometimes it takes a while to get the appt set and even longer to actually get IN! She also wants to have an ultra sound on my kidneys and see what comes of that..she said she may send me to the urologist/nephrologist-depending on the outcome of the ultra sound. I go back to her in December-so I will take care of all of that then-gotta enough to do now! I am just so happy to finally have a doctor that I feel comfortable with and one who did not "rush" me through the appt.

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