Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I saved $136.01 in coupons/sales! In addition to that, I saved a ton of money at Sam's club too! At Sam's club right now, they have a 6 pack of Nike socks on clearance for $2.01 per pack! I have am stocked up and my kids are stocked up on socks for a looooong time! I got 2 tubes of new "Maybelline XXL extensions mascara" (which I have been wanting try!) for $5.99......just ONE tube at Walgreen's was $7.99! At CVS, I got 4 tubes of "Colgate Total" toothpaste for .35 cents each! Anyhoo...that is just a few of my great "finds" from my shopping trip!

I am beyond tired...I do not know how I am even alert enough to type! I woke up at 2:00 am (because "Pooh Bear" had to go outside), then once I got settled back in bed a "chopper" was circling our neighborhood (THAT is always reassuring!). I finally gave up and came into the living room and watched TV until 6:30 am, at that point I got back into bed and rested until 7:15! So...I have literally been away since 2:00 am! I wish I could just take a nap-but I have to pick up the kids at 3:00-then I have to take Bubba to therapy! Oh I sleep good tonight!

BTW-please pray for me as I go to the doctor to get several "facet blocks" done in the morning! It is basically an epidural injection into my spine. I am not at all worried about the procedure but I am praying that they will work!

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